We all have hobbies and interests. Riding motorcycles and going to Disney World and Universal studios to hop on roller coasters and just get that thrill of fear and excitement at the same time has always been on the top of my list of favorite things to do. I truly am a big kid. I just love to enjoy life in the short amount of time we get to.

But I also appreciate the beauty this world has to offer. I never saw myself becoming a photographer, I guess I never saw myself becoming anything in particular. I am a self taught visual artist. Video, graphic design, photography, anything. I just enjoyed creating things. I would draw, play guitar or piano and make up lyrics, write stories, and imagine those stories turning into a film. I watch enough movies and TV shows to know who I would cast in those films.  Anytime I hear a song I instantly think of a music video to go with it.  It's how my brain works. I love creating something and making it the best possible way it can be and that's how I stumbled into photography.  I was making a behind the scenes video with a terrible camera for a photographer friend, and with my graphic design background and skills with photoshop I ended up editing photos for him before I realized how much I enjoyed stills, and that I also had a natural eye for it.

Out of all my creative and artistic hobbies, photography was the first thing that I had early and fast success with. Maxim used my images from my second photoshoot to feature on their website. The New England Patriots cheerleaders director called me about a year later to take over as their primary photographer for their annual swimsuit calendar and promotional photos. This all opened doors to Esquire, Sports Illustrated, high profile models, news anchors, sports media hosts, and celebrities or social media influencers to trust me enough to use my photos. Before I could even reflect on it all I found myself at the Playboy mansion, Fenway Park all to myself for a day, or being flown to other cities and somewhere new every year in the Caribbean.  It's been the most surreal feeling but at the same time, its the same thing that drives me everyday to be better and at the top of my game. 

I'm always challenging myself to be innovative in this field that's had almost, if not everything, already done. Making something your own, or being as creative as possible to tell a story is what I love doing.  Staying up to date with trends in fashion, or visual styles and ways to always be diverse to make my work stand out.  Most of all, I believe in teamwork and collaboration with other artists and talent to create the most compelling still or moving pictures that will be shared forever.  

While I primarily focus my career on model development and fashion or commercial shoots, I started a portrait company, Straylight Pictures, for weddings and portraiture, where myself and other photographers I work with capture those important life moments.  I also welcome other photographers to rent and shoot, or learn new things whether they are beginner or seasoned professionals in my studio.



Sarah Desmarais / Sarah Elizabeth Artistry,

Makeup Artist • Hair Stylist • Wardrobe Styling • Creative Director • Photo Assistant

Sarah was actually the first model I ever worked with. I learned the ins and outs of the camera while she got into modeling and together we made some really awesome photos and developed a great long lasting relationship and connection all while coming up with ideas to make our images more interesting than what was being put out around us before the social media takeover in the model/photography world. She's like my second brain when it comes to being creative. 

Over the years she took her natural born artistic talents to be on the other side of the camera as a makeup artist, and I was lucky enough to get her to join my team. She is incredibly talented at what she does. She transforms people and brings out the best in someone like no other artist I have ever worked with. While she won't consider herself a hair stylist, she's so gifted in everything she does, so those skills always come in handy for photoshoots. 

She's also become my trusted creative director for all of my shoots. We have become as what our clients say, a dynamic duo, where she helps style the shoot, create sets, come up with ideas, scout locations, directs with me as I'm shooting and will even help with the reflectors or catch behind the scenes footage, all while also touching up the talent, and making everyone feel better about themselves. Sarah is superwoman. 

She is extremely professional and adored by those who sit in her chair. She is extremely organized and is very good at what she does. She is active and passionate about keeping up with all styles and trends. Since we’ve been working together, she has been growing her client list immensely, and her name in this area and beyond is well recognized.  She has a mermaid themed makeup lounge in my studio that makes everyone feel special and unique just like her immediately as they walk in and feeling even more radiant when they leave.