There are currently no group workshops/classes scheduled. If you would like to book a private one on one session to improve your photography, video or post production skills, I have options for both Beginners and Advanced photographers to help get you to the next level!


Beginner Session: $50

Just get a new fancy DSLR?  Or have you had one for a while and just haven’t really tapped into how to use it to it’s full potential, or YOUR full potential? This is the option you want. In the Beginner Session I will teach you the basics of your camera, and how to shoot in manual and other modes.  I will also touch on how to properly frame a shot and use light to your advantage, and tips on what other equipment or lenses you may need to get to capture the shots you really want to get!  Each session is about an hour long, and you may book more than one, but even after the first one (and some people only need one) I want you to leave feeling confident that you know how to use your camera a lot better and can take the next steps to reach your full potential.

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Advanced Session: $75

So you are familiar with shooting in manual mode, and maybe you do this as a hobby or you’re making money shooting, but you can’t quite get the images exactly how other photographers are producing them and now you want to step your game up.  Whether it be in camera, or post production, you’ve seen other professional shooters photos and wonder how they get a certain look or quality.  This session is to help you in any way you are particularly trying to improve.  I will look at your shots and give you pointers, and you can show me photos that you want to emulate more.  The Advanced Session is more catered to what you specifically need to get the style of photo that YOU want.  If it’s help in Lightroom or Photoshop, I can show you my editing techniques.  If it’s lighting help, in studio or with natural light, I will help you find the proper techniques necessary. The session lasts an hour, and you can always book more than one to spend more time covering specific things, and I can give you “homework” for the next session to improve on, but I do not hold back and teach all of my tricks and personal techniques I use to produce the images that have gotten me published and consistent work to make a living being a professional photographer!

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