Besides capturing photos for weddings, I also enjoy telling your story in a cinematic way through video! Whether you hire me and my crew for both services, or if you are in need of just a videographer, I’d love to make a feature or music highlight video for you!

Highlight Video:

In a music video style, (song of your choice or mine, discussed prior to wedding!) I capture the fine details and highlight moments of your special day! Myself and a second shooter use professional video equipment to make your wedding day look like the fairy tale it is supposed to be!
Length: 3 to 5 minutes
Songs: 1 or 2 (depending on video flow)
Included: 3 DVD Copies
DVD Menu Features:  Highlight Video, Maid of Honor & Best Man Speeches

Cost:  $2800
Add on options:

$200 – Drone Shots

Round the price up to an even $3000 and have your video stand out even more with aerial shots! I have a high quality Drone that shoots 4k video footage. These are great to not only show off the venue but I can fly it low for amazing shots you’d only see in the movies!  This is a must add on!

$150 – First Dance in Full

We film just small clips of everything to create the highlight video. Not only does this save space on our memory cards to last the day, and help conserve battery, but it’s also because when filming a highlight video, we are story boarding specific angles and styles to keep it cinematic!  However we understand that you may want to remember your entire first dance! If you would like this in your DVD menu, we will make sure that there will be continuous filming of your first dance, and I will put the clips together to show your first dance in full.

$250 – Dialogue

If you would like portions of your vows, special moments (gifts, letters, etc) filmed with dialogue for your highlight video, this requires you to have microphones on you!  I have lavalier microphones and other forms of recording to capture certain moments and mix them in with the music video. This may require a dedicated sound operator depending on the circumstances which would be discussed prior!

$500Full Ceremony

An extra camera will be placed to record ceremony in full (if at a church, the full mass will not be included at this price).  You will be mic’d up or if there is a PA system, that will be mic’d for recording of vows and other dialogue. The video footage will be edited and cut in with the other camera angles being filmed for the highlight video. This will be added to the DVD Menu.

$500 – Reception Highlight  “Home Video” Style

While the highlight video is beautiful, cinematic, and captures the special moments of the day, I do understand that some people want to revisit the moments they had in a more live view style. With this option, we film the cake cutting, the first dances and dances with parents, bouquet toss, all speeches, and is put together in a more home video style format to add to the DVD Menu.

$500 – Honeymoon Edit

I provide you with a GoPro to bring on your honeymoon!  Use this waterproof camera to capture snorkeling, cliff jumps, jet skiing, time lapses of special dinners, or any moments you may capture! If you have other cameras with footage you can give me that too! I compile the footage together and make simple music video edit to add on with your wedding DVD.  This is a really easy way to actually put good use of the moments you have on your honeymoon that would normally just sit on your computer!  If your honeymoon is longer than 7 days, it will be an additional cost.  If you have your own GoPro to use, take off $100 from the pricing!

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Includes Highlight “Trailer” video.  For a full feature video I interview both couples seperately (or together if preferred) and tell the story of not only your wedding day, but YOUR story as well!  This is a full dialogue video capturing the wedding process as well. I will film days prior to the wedding, including dress fittings, rehearsal dinners, and other b-roll that goes with the topics that are discussed in your video!  This is a personal video, and requires a lot of time and footage but it turns out to be really special!  See my full feature sample video below!
Length: 6 to 12 minutes
Songs: 1 to 3 (depending on video flow)
Included: 3 DVD Copies
DVD Menu Features:  Highlight Video, Full Feature Video, Maid of Honor & Best Man Speeches

Cost:  Starting at $5000